My Friends,

In a world that is all too often disconnected, stifling and negative - Iron Sharpens Iron is on mission to bring people together to grow and flourish inside a positive and encouraging environment. It has always been about more than fitness for us. It’s not just about getting people to achieve goals. For us, people are the goal.

What started out as a 1-to-1 personal training business quickly grew into a group training focused business because we wanted to involve, serve, and connect more people. We wanted to bring people together to do great things in the fitness realm and beyond.

Great things like feeding and providing gifts for those in our city that are going through hard times during the holiday season. Great things like providing hope and encouragement to a mom on a mission to build a legacy around her late son's life. Great things like empowering the next generation to be the leaders they were created to be. If you look at the surface of Iron Sharpens Iron, you’ll definitely see fitness but if you look deeper you’ll see people - beautiful, incredible, and strong people.

That’s what it has been about since the first day we opened our small garage gym on Wooster Pike. That’s what it has been about during our time at our Dana Avenue location. That’s what it will continue to be about as we take our next step into Iron Sharpens Iron’s new home. We are mission-obsessed to see people grow and go beyond where they currently are and we will continue helping our community thrive to be the very best versions of themselves, each and every day.

We are so excited about the future of Iron Sharpens Iron! We have big things in store for our new location in Norwood. Our new space will allow us to offer more classes more often. We will be able to offer longer membership options. We will have virtually unlimited parking. The space is beautiful, inspirational, and even more functional than what we have now. (We can’t wait to show you!)

So on March 4 2019 come and see what the new Iron Sharpens Iron facility is all about! Get connected to an incredible community and let’s continue to do great things together!

- Alex Harbin

In Summary…

What: Iron Sharpens Iron is closing the doors of the 2200 Dana Ave. location and re-opening in a new facility 2.5 miles away.

Where: 5229 Montgomery Road Norwood Ohio 45212

When: Closing February 24 2019 | Re-opening March 4 2019

Any auto-renew memberships will be put on hold for the time we are closed and will resume March 4 2019.

**Last class being held at 2200 Dana Avenue will be The Iron Circuit on Saturday February 23 @ 9AM

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